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The first step to know if the roof should be replaced is to know what to look for.

Hail Damage

Hail damage can cause huge problems to your roof. It may not be obvious from the ground, but this is exactly why you should have your roof checked after a severe storm.

Signs of hail damage usually become apparent only after a few years when it has turned into leaks or other more serious issues. The effect on your roof is gradual, and it all starts when hail hits your roof and knocks off the protective granule coating of the roof shingles. This causes the layer underneath to become exposed, eventually causing these areas to become brittle and susceptible to leaks.

Wind Damage

The main issue with a wind damaged roof is that the exposed spots on the roof can be difficult to detect. especially if the shingles have been lifted.  A shingle that has been lifted because of the winds may have loosened the sealant and possibly the nail, which means that the roof should be replaced.


Shingles have to be replaced if there is cracking going on. Vigilance is very important, the scope of the replacement depends upon how soon the issue is caught.

Exposed Nails

Exposed nails can rust and lead to a leaky roof. Depending upon how many nails are exposed and how long they’ve been exposed, a roof replacement might be needed.

Granules Missing

Roofs will lose granules through the course of time, so whether you need a completely new roof depends on the age of your roof and the amount of granules that remain.


If you detect curling shingles, it can mean a sign of bigger issues, like leaking, which can mean a roof replacement. Shingles can curl because they weren’t lined up properly, they’re old, they weren’t installed correctly, you have poor ventilation in the attic or you’ve got a layered roof. If you see curls, it’s best to have it get checked out sooner than later.


If you’ve got a leaking roof, there’s no time to waste. It must get fixed. A leaky roof can lead to structural damage.

Damaged Shingles

A broken shingle is ugly and a possible cause of leaking. In this case the repair is necessary.