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It is important for homeowners to understand how bad weather impact your roof. Your roof is the main protection of your home, so it’s important to protect your roof from the elements and bad weather.

How Tornados Impact Your Roof

A tornado does not need to pass directly over a house to damage its roof. The damages can take many forms (especially by flying debris) – some are obvious and others are less visible, but they can all present significant safety risks and must be identified and addressed immediately. That´s why it is very important to make your roof to be inspected by your roofing service provider right after a tornado has passed. You can reach Abode Roofing Oklahoma at (405)708-3049.

How Hail Impact Your Roof

As a leading cause of roof damage, hail is a major threat to the integrity of your roof. The dings and holes created by hail can cause problems right away if they’re severe enough, but sometimes, they can go undetected for the next few storms until the true extent of the damage is realized. Performing a thorough inspection after a hail storm and knowing what to do after storm damage does occur can help you avoid the common pitfalls that come along with hail roof damage. Call Abode Roofing Oklahoma at (405)708-3049 for an inspection.

How Rain Impact Your Roof

Your roof’s lifelong enemy is water, and when leaks on of your roof start to expose the internal layers of your roof to moisture, problems start to happen. Mold, rot, leaks and structural damage are all signs of rain damage and indicators that your roof may need to be replaced. You can reach Abode Roofing Oklahoma at (405)708-3049 for an inspection and evaluation of the condition of your roof.