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When it comes to dealing with an insurance claims it can be nerve wrecking. We are Insurance claims specialists, and we don’t just say that for “good” advertisement. Our properly trained and educated claim specialist knows how to identify storm related damage and knows how insurance policies work. We will be there for you throughout all the steps to make sure your insurance claims experience is as smooth and stress free as possible. We will meet with your Insurance Adjuster, will be there while the work is performed and make sure you are 100% satisfied once all the work has been completed. We try to answer every phone call but unfortunately sometimes we are unable too. But we can assure you that we will return every call at our earliest convenience and you can trust that no matter if you call us days before the job is complete or days before the warranty expires we will be there for you.

We understand the consequences of turning in a claim and we never advice to make a claim and “see what happens”. We only recommend calling in a claim when there is real damage to property that is covered by your insurance policy. We have dealt with many insurance claims and different insurance carriers. We know how to deal with adjusters and work on your behalf to make sure your insurance pays for what they are obligated too. We use both Symbility and Xactimate software just like the insurance companies. We can make sure the insurance company pays for the damage the policy covers and at a fair price. This almost always leaves our customers with no out of pocket payments. We can also provide supplemental invoices for any items that the insurance adjuster might have left out in the original estimate. We know the building codes and push for the insurance companies to pay for what the law says they must pay.


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